I have been engaged in photography for many years, as far back as the period of black and white films with 12 exposures per film. At that time I never thought that this was a subject to be studied formally and in depth, and I was satisfied with the private comments of my art-teacher wife. Over the years, as a combat pilot in the Israeli Air Force, I became involved in aerial photography for intelligence gathering, and there I began to learn the technical principles of photography. When the digital era arrived, I continued exploring the technical aspects, with emphasis on the number of pixels per frame, using the camera’s automatic mode… At the age of 60 I went on a long tour of South America, after again upgrading my camera to obtain an excellent number of pixels and optical quality…

I came back from this long trip infected with the photography virus. I decided to study the fundamentals of photography, and soon began to take photographs based on an understanding, thorough observation and a real dialog with the environment that provides my subjects.

My main insight has been that photography is a process of continuous communication between the photographer and the object of his photographs, and then with his viewers.

A photograph must tell an interesting story, a story that after a few moments makes the viewer take a step back to examine what he is seeing, what he feels, and perhaps to think about what has happened to him and what connects him with what he sees.

Once I began to understand the world of photography in depth, I looked back over any of my early work that had survived the years, and I discovered that my perspective and the stories I photographed were valid and correct in line with my intuitive perspective in the distant past.

Photography fully meets my need for instant gratification. One click and I find myself in a new story, the isolation and freezing of a critical moment in the external world, combined with the story in my head that comes from my personal background. It sometimes happens that people, even those who were right beside me at the moment of photography, ask me where I took the shot. They don’t recognize the place even though they were there! And that’s the best reward I can get. Contact me